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How it works

SECUR PNEUS is based on a extremely simple principle. Normally, the air that is used to inflate tyres contains rich unwanted elements such as oxygen, oil and humidity; these will cause a faster usage of the tyres. SECUR PNEUS does not contain these elements and therefore this negative effect does not exist.


SECUR PNEUS contains no oxygen

Oxygen is the origin of ageing in a tyre and often it is the cause of a bursting tyre. The high temperatures of the tyres can cause spontaneous internal explosion Moreover oxygen is the root cause of a decrease in the tyre pressure.


SECUR PNEUS contains no oil

Oil vapours are circulated via the lubrication ducts of the compressor. Its' presence inside the tyre accelerates the ageing of the rubber and, in conjunction with the oxygen, causes a flammable mixture.


SECUR PNEUS contains no humidity

The compressors transfer to the tyre part of the humidity from the air. This creates pressure jolts and oxidation, causing ageing of the inner parts: rubber, shell and valve.