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Enough with the usual air!

It's about time you used SECUR PNEUS, a mixture of high performance gases used for inflating tyres. You will notice and appreciate that the technology and know how obtained from our expertise in aeronautics and automotive racing have been passed on to SECUR PNEUS.

SECUR PNEUS offers you a technology that has not been available to everyday road users. Today SECUR PNEUS is the best possible solution for people who demand excellent performances from their tyre and, at the same time expect cost efficiency and a high degree of safety.


More mileage

The "air" in SECUR PNEUS guarantees a stable tyre pressure 3 times longer than if it were inflated using normal compressed air; thus the tyre inflated with SECUR PNEUS will be less subject to suffer from problems of under inflated tyres. That means a noticeable increase of the number of miles with a set of tyres and also a reduction in fuel consumption. Moreover, the "air" in SECUR PNEUS, is inert; totally lacking of oxygen and of impurities found in compressed air, which are the causes of cracks and the loss of elasticity of the tyre shell. SECUR PNEUS lengthens the life of your tyres.


Better safety

SECUR PNEUS eliminates the potential problem of using flammable gas mixtures that, due to overheating, could cause an explosion in the tyre. A tyre correctly inflated with SECUR PNEUS is the winning combination in emergency manoeuvre. SECUR PNEUS, better safety immediately


Maximum performances

A stable tyre pressure guarantees a better road handling. The absence of humidity eliminates the continual changes of tyre pressure associated with varying temperatures of the tyre.

Road handling and stability of the tyre are reason for using SECUR PNEUS in the automotive racing competitions but this is an equally important reason for using it for every day driving. SECUR PNEUS: the technology competitive racing on your car.