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Advantages to heavy equipment machinery

The advantages when using SECUR PNEUS on industrial Trucks, Buses and Vehicles are even more remarkable:

  • Shorter time to inflate tyres (approximately 1/3 of the time it would take for inflating with compressed air)
  • Greater pressure stability (it lasts 3 times longer than compressed air) hence lesser time spent and fewer checks necessary on periodic controls of the tyre pressure.
  • Better conservation of the tyre shell which is vital if the tyre is at a later date to be resoled.

SECUR PNEUS can also guarantee an other vital aspect for people who uses heavy equipment on a daily basis: The total certainty of never having a flammable mixture inside the tyres, thus reducing drastically the possibilities of the tyre exploding due to overheating (often caused by insufficient tyre pressure and maximum cargo load).


Advantages for vans, campers and motorcycles

The long breaks of inactivity to which these vehicles are subjected to during the year, alter the dimensional and mechanical characteristics of the tyres. This accelerates the structural ageing of the tyre, and will reduce the safety factor during the times it is used.

The inert gas mixture of SECUR PNEUS prevents ageing of the tyre and keeps its' characteristics unchanged. SECUR PNEUS: a small detail that guarantees greater safety